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ImmuGlow lab assessments division collaborate with CLIA certified laboratories in providing better health and wellness diagnostic solutions allowing you to maintain a higher standard of care.
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Learn About Your Genetic Risks affecting Everything in Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle Genetics Testing Kit
"Its fascinating how our gene expression influences the real you, your food, your lifestyle." 

- Twinkle Patel, CEO and Founder. of  Immunogenomics Laboratory

Gene expression and health conditions

We analyze more than 90 genes, which are associated with over 40 conditions that could indicate a health risk.
Select any gene and see condition associated below:

Nutrient Metabolism



Calcium is a vital mineral essential for various physiological functions in the human body. The Group Specific Component (GC) gene is a type of protein that plays a role in transporting vitamin D and its metabolites in the bloodstream. Variation of this gene may impact the calcium level in the body, which can cause a risk of bone fracture.

Three Simple Steps

Order Kit Online

No PCP or Healthcare provider order required.

Collect Buccal Swab DNA Sample

All-in-one kit will be shipped to you right after order placement.

Receive Elaborate Report

Receive access link to your lifestyle genetics report and be able to interpret all your DNA analysis findings.

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